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One of the oldest and most famous trumpeter families from southern Serbia is Bakic family. Bakija Bakic inherited an inherited an incredible talent for playing trumpet from his father and very quickly became famous with his band and incredible music. His nephew Ekrem Mamutovic continued the family tradition (later changed its name to Milan Mladenovic), whom uncle gave to carry on conducting of the orchestra and taught her everything he knew with trumpet. Milan Mladenovic passed his trumpet mastery to her three songs.

Mamutovic Ekrem was born in 1982, in family of the legendary trumpet player from Vranje, Bakija Bakic. Ekrem plays the trumpet since eleven years old. He completed secondary music school in Vranje.

In 2007 in Guca, he won the first prize of the jury – the first trumpet.

In 2008 years, leading “Bakija Bakic” orchestra, he won the award for the most authentic performance “Golden Apple”.

In 2009 Orchestra received an award for the best band in Guca, and Ekrem was awarded with the title – the “Trumpet Master”.

2010th – The best orchestra in the international competition in Guca.

2012th -  The first trumpet in the world.

2013th – The best brass orchestra in the world.

2014th – The best orchestra in the international competition in Guca.